I am a Teacher for Special Needs and take my students to classes with Kelly. DAPAK has been a strong and growing group since I’ve been with Kelly throughout so many challenges, including fundraising events for the dance trip to Melbourne this year.  Kelly is a demanding teacher who excels in taking her students to levels of skill and performance beyond their own expectations. Believing that young people with or without special needs should have the confidence to produce more than competent performances in exams, festivals and shows. Kelly respects all my students personal challenges and she is also an extraordinarily talented costume designer and seamstress.

Kelly believes in the positive effect that performing, and dance in particular, can have on her students in their every day lives. She is particularly aware of how learning to dance can have positive outcomes for children who have physical or learning difficulties. - Flavia Oats

Our daughter, Sarah, who has Down Syndrome, has been attending this group for 6 years. She has benefited enormously. Her confidence amongst others has improved.  Her co-ordination and balance is also better due to the dance routines.  Working within a team and being on stage has assisted Sarah's overall development. In addition Sarah has been able to mix with other people who also have disabilities and make friendships that would not normally occur within the larger population. I is essential that groups like DAPAK are given encouragement to extend their services to as many people with disabilities as possible. Not for profit status will benefit families like ours by making access to these classes affordable. - Keith & Miriam Wardle

Shanthi Fielding has been with Kelly since she started classes in Perth. She loves Kelly and enjoys all that they do during the class whether it's singing dancing or drama. Shanthi has severe anxiety issues and has difficulty making friends. Having said that not once has she had an anxiety attack during Kelly's class. Shanthi considers her fellow students of DAPAK her best friends and has learnt to socially interact with them. Her highlight this year was when the group went to Melbourne to perform. This was the first time we actually were able to see the sights as Shanthi was happy to go around with her group . Normally Shanthi chooses to stay at the hotel and refuses to go out when we travel.

Shanthi also does Indian Classical Dance and what she has learnt from her drama classes at DAPAK is to be expressive. Her Indian dance teacher had tried to get her to be expressive during her dance but what she learned about acting she applied it to her Indian dancing and this made such an improvement to her Indian dancing. There are a lot of lessons that Shanthi and her fellow students learn from Kelly's classes. One of the most important is appropriate social behaviour. 

I am so pleased to have Shanthi continue to learn with Kelly as it has truly enriched her life - Para Fielding