Dance Ability Performing Arts Kelete Inc. was established in September 2015. DAPAK has been launched as a dedicated association for dance and music therapy, for performing arts students with special needs.

Kelete Theatre Company formerly operated classes for people with disability. Kelete's director Kelly Buckle has founded and formed a partnership with DAPAK a non-profit organisation which will continue to run classes for people with disability across the Perth Metropolitan area. Upon the completion of our new studios in Bibra Lake people with disability and a love for musical theatre will have a place to call home in Western Australia.

All Classes build on and focus on physical exercise, dance, singing, acting, confidence building & supporting the development of social skills.

DAPAK and its dedicated director currently provide services for students with all disabilities inclusive of, but not limited to Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Damaged, Congenital conditions, Vision Impairment and Down Syndrome.

At DAPAK our motto is #EveryoneDeservesToBeAStar